Welcome to the start of a series we’re calling Bangtan Tasty Snacks (BTS, geddit ??). We’ll round up interesting BTS related stuffs that you may or may not have seen before. It’ll be good. We hope. It’ll be things we like anyway, hopefully y’all will like it too.

So, let’s get going with…..

Summer Package 2018 in Saipan unboxing

If you’re wondering what’s in this year’s Summer Package, then you gotta check out this unboxing video from HK ARMY Say What  – 12 minutes showing every single bit of the 2018 Summer Package.

HKArmySayWhat is one of our favourite BTS reaction channels – they are proper ARMY and they don’t spam reactions every day or every week – only when there’s something important to react to. Check out their YouTube channel.

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Best BTS Idol cover dances

Not including the #idolchallenge dances, there are literally hundreds of cover dances of Idol on YouTube already. These are some of our favourites.

But our all time favourite Idol cover dance is this amazing human being / T-Rex hybrid. If you only watch one Idol cover dance video, make it this one – you won’t be sorry

And that’s it for the first post in the Bangtan Tasty Snacks series. We’ll be posting more soon ?

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